Here is the list of confirmed teams to date:

1 Mooney Tyrell/Copeland Michael
2 Marcotte Lance/Soke Karen
3 Garrett Jason/Parchoma Kevin
4 Garrett Dean/Cadrain Shaun
5 Ginther Tom/Freeman Tom
6 Freemantle Trevor/Lehmann Gerry
7 Kozak Dale/Zimmer Brad
8 Folden Jason/Jennings Scott
9 McKay Lorrie/McKay Dwayne
10 Marcotte Marcel/Hrywkiw Lynn
11 Carpenter Ken/Seppola Dana
12 Bouclin Dave/Bouclin Marc
13 Gillespie Jeff/Gillespie Kalynn
14 Prokopiw Derek/Richards Cory
15 Zapski Jon/Michener Chad
16 Hughes Sean/Hughes Jeffrey
17 Shmyr David/Shmyr David Jr
18 Taylor Steve/Nelson Jason
19 Lindman Brent/Warnock Rose
20 Mills Terry/Barr Mel
21 Johnston Ryan/Stellek Robert
22 Dobson Brian/Filewich Eric
23 Cote David/Cote Levi
24 Cameron Ryan/Csada Troy
25 Spagrud Andrew/Harding Barry
26 Barrie Tom/Davis Derek
27 Ross Ron/Frederickson Daryl
28 MacDougall Colin/Orton Eric
29 Hansen Blaine/Mandziuk Terry
30 Zwingli Doug/Jung Bill
31 Caputo Peter/Chalifoux Drew
32 Nye Kim/Karle Dennis
33 Johnston Tom/Johnston Larry
34 Hahn George/Schladt Wayne
35 Cochrane Blaine/Heatherington Scott
36 Bergen John/Amos Marty
37 Paslawski Shelley/Palawski Dean
38 Boehme Glen/Brunette Jim
39 Robinson Troy/Magel Terry
40 Hahn Chris/Hahn Gerhard
41 Kraley Orville/Kraley Scott
42 Fibke Ron/Filewich Mark
43 Nelson Marlon/McFarlane Dennis
44 Hahn Garth/Dougan Randy
45 Lubyk Jeff/Healing Mike
46 Leiman Cory/Collins Todd
47 Miller Lyle/Flaig Kelly
48 Kowalchuk Kevin/Swirsky Dale
49 Kushniryk Delvin/Kushniryk Linda
50 Bakopoulos Louie/Ricci Stan
51 Kirkpatrick Bob/Tynning Ryan
52 Prall Barry/Montgomery Trevor
53 Kruczek Jerry/Rogalka Peter
54 Oestreicher Brian/Oestreicher Justin
55 Fehr Curtis/Hamilton Jason
56 Ouellette Maurice/Ouellette Raymond
57 Mckerracher Brad/McKerracher Jeff
58 Geni Tim/Gougeon Daniel
59 Reinhardt Terry/Reinhardt Reg
60 Ikert Dean/Balog Curtis
61 Schlaht Dale/Colcy Randy
62 Head Rob/Knutson Sheldon
63 Bjornson Cory/Nelson Michael
64 Matiachuk Kevin/Matiachuk Kolby
65 Kubel Greg/Wright Curt
66 Gustilo Derek/Miller Larry
67 Cain Steve/Schlosser Barry
68 Wiebe Ryan/Warlow Cliff
69 Charko Dale/Charko Colby
70 Pickard Glen/Pickard Gerri
71 Earis Greg/Furtani Rob

Vanity Cup Fishing Tournament

Online Registration Open!

Our online registration portal has just launched. Please be aware of the following:

ALL payments will have to be made by E-TRANSFER. NO CASH/Cheques will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Registrations will be only accepted through the online portal. NO EXCEPTIONS.

As of today everyone can begin registering but submitting your entry does not guarantee a spot in the tournament.  Priority will be as follows:
1)  Fully paid entries from the 2019 Captain List by August 9th.
2)  Fully paid entries from a 2019 Partner if entering a new team apart from their 2019 Captain by August 18th.  2019 Captains can continue to register, but they lose priority over 2019 Captains.
3)  Fully paid entries from new 2020 Captains/Partners by August 31st.  2019 Captains/Partners can continue to register, but they lose priority over 2020 participants.
4)  Beginning September 1st, any remaining spots are open to fully paid entries from anyone.

Anyone can register at any point that registration is open.  All entries are placed in their appropriate categories in the order that their complete entry is received (online entry plus payment).  When each priority window opens, entries will fill spots based on the order that we received the complete entry.

When you have a confirmed spot, you will receive an email informing you that you are officially entered.  No one should consider themselves entered until they receive such an email.

Anyone that has paid the entry fee and does not get a spot in the tournament will receive a full refund when the tournament is officially full.  These entries will be placed on the waiting list in the order their complete entry was received.

AMERICAN PARTICIPANTS – We have no way of knowing what the border rules will be when the tournament happens.  American teams can register at their own risk.  If an American team has to withdraw due to Covid/Border rules, we will do our best to fill the spot.  Only in the case that we are able to fill the spot, will there be a refund.

Please do not send texts, messages, calls to make your entry. NO flight # requests. Everything will be done through the registration portal. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Register Now